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From new Business branding and setup, to designing brochures, postcards, creating logo's, to designing a modern website for you, to SEO getting your website on the map and integrating social media for you, to creating amazing illustrations of your family, or favorite athlete, creating highlight videos for your college bound athlete, to fixing your computer, killing a virus/malware, to networking your house or business.

Graphic Design

Web Design/SM

Computer Repair

Graphic Design

As a designer, I love creating from a business card to a billboard, what ever your project is, no matter how big or small it is the most important project to me.

- Logos

- Branding

- Signage

- Marketing Material

Web Design/Social Media

Living in the world of web design and social media to me is the gateway to information at your finger tips.  I love creating websites from listening to the client, coming up with an idea and making it live, to integrating social media, web analytics, Social media is so much fun to me, I just love doing it, I love getting messages out, creating little ads, boosting, tweeting, etc... bringing the website and the social aspects come together and seeing the customer happy and gaining exposure and business makes me very happy


 For larger more complex sites, it’s best to bring a talented developer on board to look after the complex programming while I focus on designing a beautiful interface.


I dabble in static HTML / CSS based sites, content management systems such as Wordpress, and ecommerce solutions suchs as Wazala, or Paypal.


- Domain Name

- Website Hosting

Computer Repair

As much as I love designing, I love solving computer problems, why won't it work, that's not logical, I will figure out what is wrong with your computer, if it is a virus, I will kill it, if you need to network all your devices, I will do that, Did you crack your screen, spill coffee on your keyboard, I can fix that, if you need to upgrade your computers, or build one from scratch, I will do that for you too.

- Virus Removal

- Networking

- Laptop Repair

- Desktop Repair

Video Production

The Process

The process starts with a clear idea of what you would like to get across to your customers, what will your customers be looking for, and how you will like to get the information presented.

By visiting competitors websites, or looking at their marketing material and jotting down what you like and don't like about is the first step in the process, that helps me the designer by letting me know what you like and don't like.

Now we are in the fun part of the process, once we have the strats down then I will come up with a draft, from the draft we will make changes to get your vision perfect on paper or web.

Once we meet and you tell me your vision and your likes and don't likes, from you I would need your logo if you have one, the content and we will decide on graphics to use




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